Online and In-Person (Los Angeles area) Training

Online Wellness Coaching $35.00 per month. Includes: set-up questionnaires, goal setting, and an Action Plan. Wellness Coaching may include an exercise plan, nutrition plan, spiritual counseling, accountability, feedback, and ongoing support, depending upon your individual goals. Cancel anytime.

Wellness Coaching Package (in person)$180.00 for 3 start-up sessions. Sessions include: detailed questionnaires to determine your current status and goals; personalized discussion of your health, fitness, spiritual, financial, or relationship goals; one in-person personal training session; a co-created Action Plan to be discussed in Session 1, typed emailed, and then printed for you to sign during Session 2. Sessions 2 is designed to hash out any foreseeable concerns and determine Action Steps to overcome them. Session 3 is to finalize the Action Plan, exchange feedback, and schedule Accountability Sessions as needed.

Follow Up Sessions (in person) (after investing in your Wellness Coaching Package): $49.00 for single session, or $168.00 for four sessions paid in advance.

Personal Training Sessions (in person): $75.00 for single session or $217.00 for a package of four sessions, or $298.00 for a package of six sessions. We meet at a private gym, go over your goals, have a one-on-one workout session. Then we discuss your ongoing Workout Plan, which will be emailed to you upon completion. Session Time 75 minutes.


Cash, check (after clearance), and credit cards accepted